Origins: Wanderlust Twins


Alo – realm of shapeshifting demons

In the beginning, the twins lived in an alternate realm called Alo – a realm that was reserved for shape shifting demons. Alo is a realm that is built much like a large cavern. There are stalactites in place of a wide, open sky. Their light source (since something akin to the sun is absent) are the thousands of bio-luminescent insects that reside along the walls of the cavern. They often live in swarms, their glowing light varying blue, purple and green based on their species. They are a constant in this realm – a light source that never dies. Because this realm resides in a world of interconnecting caverns, the city structures are build directly into the cavern walls or carved from the stone to create the homes of these shape shifting demons.

Now twins in this realm were rare – believed to be of high value – and so when they were born, they were kept secret. Twins were believed to bring good fortune, only ever appearing in Alo’s history during periods of great victories in battles and times of prosperity. As such, they were forced to remain in their home that was carved securely into the cavern walls. They knew no other life than what happened beyond them.

Born the illegitimate children of a more powerful demon’s mistress, the twins and their mother were kept together in their home. Their mother raised them to the best of her ability. She was kind and attentive, but also stern and authoritative when needed. She taught them many things from personal skills to reading to morality. They loved her. However, her heart only remained with her children, not the man who confined them for his own selfish gain and so she sought love elsewhere. When the General (the twins biological father and head of the city they reside in) caught wind of her affair with another in his household, he had the both of them killed and disposed of.

He told the twins that she had escaped. It was only as they got older that they learned the truth. The twins mourned the loss of their mother and the distaste they had for the General grew to a pure hatred over the years. A defiance.

Living in such close quarters for so many years, the twins were always very close. They were never apart. They shared the same room and bed, clothes and toys. Even as they grew older, such things never changed. Their interests shifted from shared toys to shared books and soon their personal interests and aspirations began to develop.

However, one such wish remained the same – their thirst for freedom; to no longer have to catch glimpses of the city through open windows.

Such a feat became more feasible when the youngest, Sora, stumbled across a small, dusty library when exploring the castle in his kitten form. He’d had to squeeze through some broken stone near the edge of the boarded up door but soon came across their salvation. The entire library was filled with dusty old tales and pictures of many other realms but after showing it to the Eldest, Nora, they grew particularly fascinated with one realm in particular.

Earth. A curious place from the words they read together, filled with wonders they’d never known and longed to experience.

So they devised a plan of action to escape.

Their escape was successful; the house remained unaware of their departure until it was too late. They made their way through a portal to the realm of Earth; first the Eldest, and then the Youngest.

However, when the Eldest emerged to Earth first, she found that the flow of time was quite different from their Alo. The Youngest did not emerge immediately. As such, she transformed into her kitten form and remained beside the portal for a full year’s time before the Youngest was finally through and able to join her.


Nora waits quietly for her other half

During that one year’s time, the Eldest was able to witness all of the seasons that Earth had to offer – the good and the bad of each – and grew a large fondness to the plant life that kept her company while she waited. A love for nature that never wavered.

But for the Youngest, no time had passed since he’d stepped into the portal mere seconds after his sister. So when he arrived, she already had many things to tell him and show him as the seasons began to change and pass.

They have travelled all over, exploring and learning many things from cultures to histories to languages. They have lived mainly in their human forms to blend into Earth but neither were ever conservative about exploring in their kitten forms. However, they keep their half form (human but with kitty ears and a tail) exclusive to when they’re alone together after an incident happened where they were chased from a village for being cursed.

They are immortal beings in age alone; they cannot grow old or become sick but they remain as vulnerable as any human and can be killed by anything they can. As such, they survived by being cautious but their personal growth stopped when they crossed through the portal. As such, they are both fixed in a kitten state (never to reach an adult cat form) and their human forms are set to look around the age of 19 – and so this is the age they generally keep when they move to different towns. They have found that humans grow weary and suspicious of them when they reside in one place for too long and so have developed a wanderlust over the several hundred years they’ve been exploring this realm.

However, since their first year of separation, never have they parted each others side. Never again would the Eldest have to endure the weight of that loneliness – and never would the Youngest let her.


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