Welcome to the site!

0icon3Hey there, stranger! I’m happy that you decided to come and check out my website! 😀 I’m really, really excited to be putting this up for you all the enjoy. As someone who also has web design and writing as fellow hobbies to my precious BJD, this was the step I had been most looking forward to. Now the site is gonna be a bit empty for a while as I start to add profiles, histories, stories and photos to the site but I really hope that you will all be patient with me as I start to fill this site up. I’m most looking forward to being able to write more extensive stories that I feel I am limited by in social medias. I guess I just wanted a place to really, truly call my own, you know? And it makes me happy to be able to put up something dedicated solely to my new found hobby. Please treat us kindly and we look forward to entertaining you!


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