Hello there! My name is Emrys and this is my website to help connect my ball jointed doll hobby into one convenient location! I am currently in the process of making all these pages so my personal profile isn’t exactly high on my priority list, haha. I will get back to this at another time!

what sculpts are your bjds?

name of dollname of companyname of sculpt/parts

Nora & Sora are DikaDoll, full sculpt AAAAA
Goldezdovah is an IslandDoll, full sculpt Leshy
Eos is Doll Family H, body 2nd Gen double jointed body, head XiangYi
Satoshi is Doll Family H, full sculpt HanJing
Flynn is Doll Family-H, full sculpt LingFeng
Mina is Iplehouse, full sculpt Leona
Mikayl is Iplehouse, full sculpt Eric
Talia is Angell-Studios, full sculpt Anna
Noelle is currently undecided

can i create fanart/cosplay/etc of your bjds?

I absolutely adore recieving fanart and such for my dolls, so yes, you may create such things from my characters! However, I would prefer if you made certain to credit: halyconelixir in anything that you do as these are essentially my characters and not just their sculpts.


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