Character: Satoshi Kita

profile0unknownPronounced: SA-TOE-SHE
Age: 26
Actual Age: 26; never cared about his age
Birthday: September 8 (Sculpt Delivered: February 11, 2015)
Occupation: Lawyer
Ethnicity/Species: Japanese
Orientation: Bisexual
Natural Hair: Black
Eyes: Black/grey
Height: 6’1
Clothing Style: Formal; is always dressed to impress, even when he is relaxing at home
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English, French and Mandarin Chinese
Pet Peeve:
Western Zodiac: Virgo

Quick Summary: Satoshi was born an only child and raised in a very traditional Japanese family. He was born and raised in Canada but he is fluent in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French and English. His parents moved to Canada after his father got his mother pregnant when they were just teenagers. In an attempt to not shame the family name with the scandal (there was no way they weren’t having the baby; they were in love!), they left Japan and started a new life elsewhere. A servant of the family went with them as their connection back home, to help with their living expenses and to act as a sort of nanny until they got settled.

Because they had him so young, Satoshi actually became the oldest heir of the family but due to the scandal of his birth, he will never be able to be truly apart of it. As such, Satoshi was raised in a very strict home. School work was always a top priority and Satoshi was pressured into being the best at everything he did. Best school, best grades etc. Every year, he attended a private school back in Japan and only came back to Canada during holidays like Golden week and summer break.

He picked up violin only because his parents wanted him to and playing an instrument was part of his strict upbringing. Honestly, he didn’t have much opinion about it until he got a little older. He was simply somebody who did everything he could to please his parents. He went everywhere they told him, did everything they told him and never argued. His private school and cram school both had college courses that could be taken to help advance students into their chosen careers and, upon his parents request, he became a lawyer. He now works as a prosecutor, helping out the little guy as much as he possibly can. His parents wanted him to go into a big, corporate firm to help uphold the family name and, originally, he had planned to do just that.

However, after many years of doing exactly what his parents told him and finally growing into being an adult, Satoshi finally decided to start making his own selfish choices. He chose to move in with Eos, against his parent wishes, and chose to work at a firm that made less but made him feel much more complete as a person. He wouldn’t be defending the people who should have gotten what they deserved – he would be defending the type of people they exploited. It wasn’t as glorious or prestigious but at the end of the day, he could come home and feel proud of what he had accomplished.

Through this act, Satoshi also made the selfish choice to regain ties with his family back in Japan. His grandmother, the current head of the Kita family, still doesn’t acknowledge him because he was born out of wedlock but he has stubbornly managed to gain ties with his three Uncles and their families. He stands on rocky ground with the adults but all of his cousins recognise him as family and are always eager to see him when he goes back to Japan to visit. Some even keep in contact with him through e-mail or letters.

Satoshi is a workaholic, enjoys his tea and his newspapers and is always smartly dressed. Dress pants and a good shirt. Even when he is relaxing at home, he is still dressed to impress. It’s so ingrained in his head that appearances mean everything that he won’t even answer the door for the mailman unless he is dressed appropriately. He is highly organised, opinionated, stubborn and driven; he has a passion for his work and a dedication to the people he defends that often consumes a lot of his free time. Even when he is off the clock, he’s still working on cases. His life is fairly straight forward but he couldn’t be happier about it.

Likes and Dislikes


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Fun Facts

And here will lie some random fun facts about said character 😀

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