Photo Shoots: Slowly Uploaded

004I have officially started to add in photo shoots! I have a lot of mini ones that I did back in the day so the quality isn’t that great sometimes but given that they were my first ones, I am pretty damn proud of myself. Now if only I could continue to have that same inspiration and do more as my crew continues to expand~

Until then, I hope you can all enjoy the old photo shoots that I have to offer :3 Like my first ever photo shoot – Halloween/Nora’s Birthday. I still remain insanely proud of this batch of photos because it was the day that Nora arrived and I was so excited that I slapped this little thing together and took all my photos within half n hour and they turned out pretty darn good.

Beginner’s luck, haha.


Origins: Wanderlust Twins


Alo – realm of shapeshifting demons

In the beginning, the twins lived in an alternate realm called Alo – a realm that was reserved for shape shifting demons. Alo is a realm that is built much like a large cavern. There are stalactites in place of a wide, open sky. Their light source (since something akin to the sun is absent) are the thousands of bio-luminescent insects that reside along the walls of the cavern. They often live in swarms, their glowing light varying blue, purple and green based on their species. They are a constant in this realm – a light source that never dies. Because this realm resides in a world of interconnecting caverns, the city structures are build directly into the cavern walls or carved from the stone to create the homes of these shape shifting demons. Continue reading