Character: Eos Sinclair

profile0unknownPronounced: Eh-O-s
Age: 22
Actual Age: 22; he’s not shy about his age
Birthday: February 22 (Sculpt Delivered: February 11, 2015)
Occupation: Professional dancer; part time florist/greenhouse keeper
Ethnicity/Species: Caucasian
Orientation: Homosexual
Natural Hair: Pale blonde
Eyes: Bright blue
Clothing Style: Loose fitting clothes, leggings and t-shirts; clothes that are easy to move in so he can practice dancing whenever the inspiration hits him
Languages Spoken: English
Pet Peeve:
Western Zodiac: Pisces

Quick Summary: Eos was born into a family with just his mother. He had no siblings, nor a father, but it never felt like anything was missing from his home. It didn’t matter to him that he never knew who his father was. His mother is extremely spiritual and natural. Their home was the same, using minimal electricity, having no TV but a ton of books and the entire house was filled with plants. She believes in the concept of Mother Nature as an entity, is very natural in everything that she owns and consumes and that’s why she named her son Eos – after the goddess of dawn. She named him for his light blond hair, bright blue/teal eyes and that he symbolised a new beginning in her life. It was her hope that he would grow up to be that shining light for people.

Eos is a very quiet soul. Only really speaking when spoken to and only speaks as much as he needs to. He was such a quiet child that he didn’t make many friends and he was socially awkward as a result. So his mother put him into a ballet class, hoping it would help him learn to express himself and he fell in love with it. He started out with ballet but as he got older, he got curious about other styles and so took classes for things like jazz, hip hop, tap, ballroom etc. He was able to express himself so well through dance that he was able to take on another persona entirely while he danced and so he is capable of moulding into whatever style he is doing. A jack of all trades, if you will. He isn’t naturally talented, he worked at being able to dance well because it was something he loved so much. All his free time was spent practicing it. Eventually, he found himself a permanent dance partner and they became part of a ballet troupe.

When he isn’t away on tours, Eos works part time as a florist, having gained his mother’s love for the natural and so he works in this locally owned and grown flower shop that is connected to their own greenhouse. The sort where you can buy actual plants, not just commercial cut flowers. As he got older, he grew more confident with himself and he speaks a little more but is still generally quiet. He’s very gentle, always needing to take care of people and sympathetic to a point where it causes him a lot of anxiety when he can’t help fix somebody else’s problems. White Knight syndrome.

He loves to read and listen to music, he likes all types of foods and is never afraid to try anything new. His clothing style is closely linked to his dancing so he wears a lot of loose fitting clothes and hoodies. Stuff he can practice dancing in whenever the mood hits him so he generally doesn’t wear jeans. He also never wears shoes or socks unless he has to – he prefers being barefoot.

Likes and Dislikes


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Fun Facts

And here will lie some random fun facts about said character 😀

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