Character: Twins

profilenoraNora & Sora
Age: 19
Actual Age: Unknown; comes from an alternate dimension and is immortal
Birthday: October 31
Sora: Computer technician (ie. hacker)
Ethnicity/Species: Shapeshifter; cat demon
Orientation: Asexual, panromantic
Natural Hair: Light brown/cream
Height: 5’0
Clothing Style:
Nora: Earthy tones/floral prints preferred but will wear anything
Sora: gfh
Languages Spoken: Too many to count; they have learned many languages over the years to help better adapt to Earth
Pet Peeve:
Western Zodiac: Scorpio

Quick Summary: The twins’s profile will continue from their mini origin story, Wanderlust Twins. If you haven’t read it yet, for a quick overview of their past, please read through it first before continuing!

When the twins entered into the human world exactly isn’t fully known. They hadn’t learned about the human concept of time for quite some time but they estimate it was around 500 AD. Being immortal beings – incapable of growing old or sick but capable of dying if ever mortally wounded – the twins saw many nations rise and fall in their time on earth. They gained knowledge and great understanding of the race they had long been fascinated by. Over the years, they learned several languages (ones still around and those that have been lost to the ages) and skills so that each lifetime they face can be met with a whole new identity. Since they do not age, they could only spend a limited amount of time in each place before people would grow suspicious.

They learned of this the hardest, unfortunately, when they grew too comfortable in one village during their first century. Since they showed no signs of aging or illness, the people grew to fear them and accused them of witchcraft. One night, the villagers set their home on fire and, unfortunately, Sora didn’t make it out in time. He was knocked unconscious when a smouldering beam fell onto his face. He never fully recovered from the burn and lost his sight in his right eye. Nora managed to drag him out in time to save his life but she would always retain that bit of guilt from being unable to save her brother’s sight.

From then on, the twins learned to be more cautious. They never stayed in one place for longer than ten years, they always made sure to live on the outskirts of any populated area and they learned that sometimes they needed to live their lives in their different forms. If they weren’t entirely ready to leave a place because they’d grown attached, they would simply transform into their kitten selves and live as strays or even pets!

Nowadays, things are a little more tricky. Today it is difficult to be anyone and not leave a paper trail. As such, Sora gained a lot of knowledge in computers over the years and is now a truly excellent hacker. He keeps himself up to date so that if anything should happen where he and Nora need to disappear again, they can do so without much issue. Nora, on the other hand, is the charisma of their operation. She knows a guy for whatever they need. If they should need to leave the country and require new passports, she knows who to talk to to get it done.

They never set out to be criminals but being immortal in today’s day and age is something that just can’t be achieved seamlessly without resorting to unlawful tactics. Together, they have conquered it and figured out a way to survive. They have both developed such a vast love for the planet Earth and all its inhabitants that they simply can’t bring themselves to leave. They will gladly deal with all the struggle so long as they can continue to call this place home.

When they aren’t worrying about how they’ll survive, the twins have developed on their own in quite the codependent way. They have almost never been apart and so the years have assisted to how their individual personalities have grown and changed. Nora never developed a strong sense of personal safety because Sora was always there to ensure that she never pushed anything too far or did something without thinking. Sora never developed many social skills because he always relied on Nora to do most of the talking since she seemed quite the natural at it.

These small things influenced their traits but it has never been considered a hindrance. They’ve fallen into a comfortable pattern over the centuries and it’s something they don’t plan on changing any time soon.

Likes and Dislikes

Nora’s Likes

      bleh bleh

Nora’s Dislikes

      bleh bleh

Sora’s Likes

      bleh bleh

Sora’s Dislikes

      bleh bleh

Fun Facts

And here will lie some random fun facts about said characters 😀

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