Art: Eos Sinclair


I drew Eos the other day! I tried to draw him as his current 22 year old self but he wound up coming out looking like he was 13; I am going with it!

This is around the age that he really tried to actively charm Satoshi into going out with him. Unfortunately for him, Satoshi is a gentleman and wouldn’t give him the time of day when it came to his romantic wishes. Satoshi had always felt the same way but because of the age difference and the fact that he was rarely home, he never wanted to give Eos any false hope about what could be. He underestimated how much Eos wanted to be with him. Funny how things would turn out 9 years later when they were finally living together; they would eventually become a grossly domestic couple. If Eos hadn’t been stubborn and followed his heart, their entire romance would have been a thing of the past. Every day that Satoshi wakes up next to him, he’s thankful for that.